Alexei Belousov

Alexei Belousov (b. 1970) started playing guitar at an early age. Graduated at Samara Musical College, Chelyabinsk State Institute of Art and Culture, Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance.

Cystal Lee

Crystal Lee, who came into the limelight for her stunning performance in ‘Unbeatable’ (2013), is also a talented and great singer and performer as well.

Grigory Novikov

Grigory Novikov was born 1979 in Kirov, Russia. He started to learn to play the guitar at the age of 16 with the professor Vera Tataurova in a music school in Kirov. Between 1997—2006 he studied at the Music College in Kirov, and N. Novgorod. He continued his studies in N. Novgorod’s Conservatory with the well known musician and accomplished guitar player Professor Vladimir Mityakov.

Ng Chen Chuan

With more than 10 years of teaching experience in classical guitar, Chen Chuan is a dedicated and experienced guitar instructor. Having performed occasionally as well, he now focuses on education.

Sheikh Hady Basmeih a.k.a. Hady Afro

Sheikh Hady Basmeih was born on November 17, 1986 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia into a musical family. His father, Mansur, who is also is musician popular with boogie woogie style of piano playing has been his source of Inspiration ever seens he was young.

Dickson Chai

Dickson Chai, a multi-talented artist who carries role of a full-time worker, song composer cum singer, theatre director cum script writer cum actor.

Gordon O’Yang

Gordon O'Yang, a Hong Kong producer for a few record companies namely Warner Music, Cinepoly (Polygram), 非池中(Polygram), 飛圖, Sony Music and Emperor Entertainment EEG Music.

Jimmy Mak (Lo-Jim)

With more than 20 years of experience, Jimmy (Lo-Jim) Mak is both a guitarist and bassist. Best known for as the guitarist of LMF 大懶堂 (1997-present), he is also the bassist for Paul Wong & The Postman (2010-present).