About Us

First started in April 2009, L. Luthier was formed with the vision of making guitars of great quality to cater to all levels of musicians/players.

L. Luthier derived its name from the word ‘Luthier’, which means master maker of stringed instruments of any kind. This applies to our specialty in only producing acoustic guitars, classical guitars and ukuleles.

‘L’ represents the name of our founder, Mr Adwin Lai. Mr Lai has more than 20 years of teaching experience in classical guitar. Having explored options and done extensive research over the years at the same time, he then embarked on an ongoing journey to discovering what makes a great guitar.

Our trademark logo represents the maker of guitars, the luthiers themselves. However, without the players, there would be no luthier. Hence, every instrument made should ultimately have the player’s needs and requirements in mind. They should be of good quality, yet should be responsive and playable for musicians of any level.

Every instrument is exclusively designed and produced by our L. Luthier team.

Based in Malaysia, the creative team draws inspiration from the melting pot of cultures to be able to reflect Malaysian influences in some of our instrument profiles and designs.

‘Never perfect, always better!’